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Wandering Nomadic Tribe (Nightmare)

Wandering Nomadic Tribe (Nightmare)


space hallow curtain this is one thing is for certain

space for certain why you winking stop your drinking

slight of hand rest in the journey for what was in store

bringing slight of hand a reason;


flowing..judging & flirting

Daddy's on Carters swing

love in a widows peak


bask in the vast magic from above

in your inner search like a bird on its perch

organic, ceramic & special...


Tossing and turning you know whats in flight

never give up on the fight

seeing you doubt in double tonight


shaped through colored glass no primitive path

kiss me...trust you see...a bargain you bask

Wandering nomadic tribe there sits an Ass


pleasant dreams high healed sleeve

chase back the flight a dew or die



one can find gratitude 
in the blackest of times 
by expressing thanks
for the insanity that happens
in dark corridors of life,
late night dispairiing
disengaging and distilling
down to all things
that bloom black
or break crimson at the core;
those actions and agitations 
of daily drama
even when sometimes 
things wound the depths
of one's heart