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What Grammer

Satish Verma

The tremors. One day 
I would know. The trees are walking. 
No miracle. We are― 
becoming rootless. 

The fear, was palpable. 
Nowhere to go. All the roads 
were blocked. The king 
is being anointed after the bloodbath. 

No logical lie was needed 
for targeted killing. 
Why did you start the 
bonfire near the oil wells?

Far And Wide

Satish Verma

The night poem 
was the breast-feed 
the train whistles by 

the thugs squirm 
no waylaiding now 
in the dark hour 
till the moon rises 

the drag queens 
are out to collect 
the marbles 
would you play the chess? 

faithfall will spring 
a surprise becoming 
god himself 
do not tell any prayer―

To Know What We Do Not Know

Satish Verma

Though inaudible, I will 
hear you― clear and distinct, 
offering to be understood. 
Destigmatizing the ghost of truth 
and be accepted. 

The noises still persist 
of the parables. Who was the 
king without a crown? 

Accepting nihilism, I will 
ask my inner voice, will 
you meet the god? 

In anguish I search the answers 
to deepest mysteries. 

Do not wash the words. 
Your hands will pick up 
the fallen moon in dirt. 

The slanted eyes. 
You want to drown in the 
crevices of pain.

Melting Nowhere

Satish Verma

Everything was in place, 
and I started to find― 
the kingpin, door by door. 

Wanted to know more about the death, 
when you were struck in silence― 
of blackness. 

Displaying the art of kill. It has 
an ancient throw of fangs. 
I am ready to catch the blues. 

All day the hibiscus has 
been bleeding. I will never 
disappoint the skin of the pilgrim. 

Oh pink eyes. Sometimes 
I wonder, why this shade rests 
after wedding a celibate.


Satish Verma

Eclectically, do not say anything; 
put a bullet in your head 
and go to sleep. 

I know what was coming 
after the ballot. A heap of 
abuses, for not maintaining the war. 

The presence you can feel, 
I am the native of this land― when 
hurricane comes, you untie the shoes. 

May be, wearing a dark suit, 
the bartender comes and pours the 
honey in your broken glasses. 

The music must not stop. The 
black spiders, with paired legs have 
synchronized with myriapods.

Distant Dangers

Satish Verma

Aquilla. Would you 
carry the burden 
of ungiving? 

Transmuted, I 
will find you in portrait 
of sublime? 

And I will see in your eyes 
a cosmos, floating in void. 

But a primal question 
remained unanswered, who were you. 

Through the blue sky 
and legends of dark, the 
constellations squirm. 

And I start believing 
in God dust.

Do Not Wear The Dreams

Satish Verma

You were different from 
others, away from home and hypocrisy, 
unlistening to the fiat 
of karma. 

There should not be 
any put-on face. Hibiscus will tell the truth. 

Sanguine. I will again 
invoke the bride of moon. 
Time to go for a simile. 

Eros tips. I educate 
the limbs, not to go 
for the anima. The bearded face. 

You had ruffled the tranquil 
poem. I cannot gather 
the tender moments.

Dilemma Of Ink

Satish Verma

The ostrich problem 
of catalepsy. 
You go into a cocooned 

I will wait, till you 
come out, ready to take a flight 
for an oath ceremony. 

The land suffers, 
the sky weeps. 

The shotguns would now decide 
the boundaries of speech. 

I will walk into the 
sea of heads, to find the sunken ship, 
to retrieve the faded road map. 

I have to face a new testament, 
how to remove this poverty 
of right words.

Living Perilously

Satish Verma

You will remember― 
what I would not― the 
inner darkness of noon. 

A bright sun goes 
blind for a caged bird. To 
dream or not to dream in 
the path of unknown. 

Any celestial movement― 
will bring the halcyon days? 
One day the man will change? 

This culture, your 
ethos were making the 
sense datum extinct― a fossil. 

Far from the meanings 
the body language flies 
in wings of wax. 

Again an era ends, 
the very blood of stones.