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Satish Verma

Where will you go 
when you are not right, 
not wrong? 

And train will not stop 
at your station. You 
have to wait till sunrise. 

Half-mist, half-moon― 
and the glass houses. 
The rocks refuse to fly. 

The consecrated dawn 
on a silent street whispers. 
The city was dead. 

I sleep after the naked 
assault. The black shirts 
and the white shirts have no answer.

Secrets Of Unknown

Satish Verma

Stone gods 
envision the interface 
between man and beast. 

He sits with his 
head sunk in knees. 
Wants to become a painting. 

A black piano 
looks around for the 
blind maestro. 

He was fighting 
with the shadows of ghosts 
on walls.

Coming Out Of Asylum

Satish Verma

Multiple hurts― and 
you still want to live 
in this dystopia. 

The queue was 
lengthening to catch up 
with moon. 

The gate man will talk 
of an apocalypse. 
The repeat flame, which 
does not die in the presence 
of sun. 

The thoughts. Will they 
ever stop in dark? The 
moonlight gathering the ashes. 

The erotica fails to 
cast the net. You want to 
collect the venom of desire 
capping the end blues.

Wild Reflections

Satish Verma

After a long journey 
he wants to sit 
under the moon. 

Not calling home, 
he wanted to cross 
the religion. 

There was no clearing― 
of subterranean fears. 
I have accepted the mats. 

In boiling water 
why did you jump 
to save the fish?

Faint Viberations

Satish Verma

I want to be 
eloquent, with myself― 
to write a poem. 

Do you have 
a clean blade 
as pure as a plum? 

Not enough 
were the seeds, 
for green fingers. 

A grivever― 
comes back, to undo 
the guilt of others.

Displacing The Milestones

Satish Verma

Talking of myths, 
in dichotomy of grace― 
when somebody said that 
the facts were loose truths. 

Your faith slumbers― 
when you are awake. And 
you, my door of night, will 
wear the tears of dawn. 

Not sharing the loneliness, 
when I was dispensing the 
laughs amidst the grief 
of hills. The trees, the slopes 
and seeds― that will never bear 
the fruits. 

And there, I did't want 
to celebrate my unwritten epitaph 
after completing the life 
of falls. 

And the neighborhood still 
sleeps when I decide to walk away 
towards the dark.

Are You There

Satish Verma

The wheels. 
I decide to abandon― 
the home. 

The pain of darkness 
returns. Wax 
drips from a taper. 

A sickle moon― 
my religion. 

Deep anguish, 
after the taste of 
your own blood.


Satish Verma

This was an illegal kill 
between you and me. 
I will abdicate― 
my headstone. 

The black eyes keep on staring 
at the orange wings. 
Butterflies presage 
the quake's qualms. 

Very unsettled, I was, 
against the odds. I was trying 
to figure out my― 
new passage. 

Slaughtered with a sickle, 
a faith lies― 
bleeding, I bring out the 
cannabis for peace.

Proving False

Satish Verma

News runs faster 
than the sun. It is 
dark already. 

You have started arresting 
the shadows. I was still 
talking to a rose. 

Let's go somewhere. Where 
no war cries are heard 
for a day. 

How many, will you― 
count the dead? Each mortal 
wants to go home. 

The postcards, don't 
arrive from the front 

Will you take my message 
by the severed head.