It is said life is one big circle which begins with our first breath

the circle then completes itself the moment of our death


Many of us begin our circle…when but a little time has passed

in a hospital…protected…behind a window made of glass.


It’s where our friends and relatives first visit us…

They come from near and far..it’s funny how they already know us

before we discover who they are.


In all likelihood we never noticed them…those who stop or wave or pass

Never noticed who was standing behind that window made of glass….


There are many in this pandemic…in whose circle much time has passed

who find themselves once again protected…behind a window made of glass.


Only now when their friends and relatives come to visit…

when they come from far and wide…

the person behind the window knows who’s on the other side.


And there is a sadness mixed with happiness to these moments…

Happy they can be together…happy to be seen

but sad the only way to touch each other is with a window in between…


Still reflected in the window…we can see their smiles shine…

Happy at least to have found a way…for their circles to intertwine.


And so we hope and pray for them

Hope and pray this pandemic will soon pass….

and they don’t end their lives as they began them…

behind a window made of glass.

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