What is it about hummingbirds that is so captivating

That we find so enchanting…so compelling…so utterly fascinating?


That would make four people sitting on a porch in an early evening shower

watch them flitting to and from the feeder…and lose track of the hour?


Could it be we marvel at their size…how something so tiny…so small

can show us by their actions how size doesn’t matter at all?


That even the tiniest, most frail among us…can look up at the sky

and if we put our minds to it…can spread our wings and fly


That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes…

can be found in the smallest of things

That sometimes it pauses right before our eyes…sometimes it has wings.


That life is delicate and fleeting…and so at the end of the day

we all should sip from the nectar of life…while dancing a beautiful ballet.


Or could there be more to hummingbirds…more than the beauty we see?

Could it be that hummingbirds remind us of family?


How time with family flies by so quickly…how we want to make it last

How before we know it, in the blink of an eye, it has slipped into the past.


How we must enjoy ever moment together…enjoy the ride…enjoy the view

and hover among those we love for a while…just like the hummingbirds do


So let us take our cue from the hummingbirds…

And try a little every day

To sip from the nectar fo family…


while dancing a beautiful ballet.

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