are beautiful


Relics of a long forgotten

celtic race


These phoenix's are rare



Burning as bright as the sun;

they are perfection


Their pale flesh,

silky and smooth


Blue eyes as deep

as the ocean


Mavericks of god's




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Butterfly flies away

  Butterfly as a whisper comes around 

for a little child happiness is found, 
he sees a colorful art of life. 
She stays near the child 
not afraid of being burnt 
by the desire. 
Is it a candle or a child? 
Secondly, she will be burned. 
Firstly, she will be admired. 
She makes him feel the magic 
and then she wants to fly away. 
A child can't wait 
that hours become days 
and butterfly returns again. 
He will love only for today! 
Once she will fly away, 
the beauty in his eyes will be lost. 
Soon he will learn that 
beautiful creatures can't be admired 
when they stay under chains.

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