Animal Synecdoche


 From Wichita and Des Moines
to Chicago and Schenectady
pigs are murdered and renamed
pork bellies, chops, loins and bacon
in a bloody and cruel synecdoche.

Cows suffer so many ways


They are 1. branded by redhot irons 2. Bulls are castrated 3. They are caught on barbed wire fencing. 4. They die in blizzards and of thirst in droughts. 5. Their ears are stapled with numbers. 6. They are injected with dangerous vaccines. 7. The mother cows have their babies ripped from them. 8. Electric shocking rods are used to control cows trying to get to their calves. 9.Their udders are painfully swollen from the injection of female hormones, sometimes do large they drag on the ground. 10. Milking machines cause their udders to bleed and to drop infected material into the milk. 11. Billions of cows spend their lives confined in barns, factory farms or behind fencing.




All slaughter is great suffering. But

an even worse method has been devised during the CDC shutdown of America. Pigs

are being crammed into 1 room, and the temperature increased until they die.

If they've never been to a slaughterhouse but eat meat, they pay for a hitman to do

the job. See the unspeakable murder. There are thousands of slaughterhouse, dairy

farm, chicken factory farm, fishing, and other hideous exposes of the brutality humans for the sake of appetite visit on animals. Animal food shortens human life expectancy. has numberless interviews... enter key words in search.

For those who speak

other than English, synecdoche

is a word meaning the whole is

called by one of its parts


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"Female Diet"

by Jeph Johnson

I am convinced

99% of women

are either vegan

or like bacon.

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