I've Been Standing on My Head

I've Been Standing On My Head,

Shaking  Good Ideas Out From  My Feet,
An Old Rocking Chair Sits on the Edge of My Tongue,
In case Words Decide to  Come,
Stillness May Allow,
Sharpe-Angled Bits,
To Enter Silver-Tonguned Dreams
I'd Be Dead If I Were Numb,
Ideas Come,
Fat Through Chewed Gum,
Stuck Underneath Tables When Young,
Awake and Stitched In,
A Simple Snow Day,
White Within,
Swirling and Hushed Echo Ballet Dance,
Flake-Up Into Night Sky  Chased Straight By Individual  Whiskey-Paced Red Faces,
Stupid Old Me Goes to Sea Again,
Let the Little Pink Fishes Swim Out From Your Eyes Again,

That's Where i'll Hide,
Behind  Immovable Stone
That's Where i'll Be 

I took the test,
It Says I'm the Best at Being Last,
But Worse,
Good At Being  Bad,
(oh god!) Good Glory for a Pleasant Feeling
Nothing That Appears Sturdy Can Be Strong,
Good has Soft Spots like Baby Heads
Evil  has Purple-Pock-Marks like Devils Bread

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