Their children would run ahead of them

as they walked along the shore

because next to the sea there’s so much to see…and so much to explore.


It’s where they found their imagination…the children would later say

discovered in the stories they’d invent about the things they found along the way.


Of the many shells they found on their walk…be they small or fat or thin

they would make up stories of who lived in them and where they might have been.


They’d talk of the different rooms inside the shells…

what was hidden behind their doors

what country this shell may have come from before finding its way to this shore.


If they happened upon a starfish…they would immediately mourn the death

of the star that fell to earth after taking its last breath.


They would hold it up and wonder how brightly it must have shined

and they would search the across the heavens for the hole it left behind.


When they’d find a piece of driftwood…they’d wonder about its trip.

Was it part of a row boat, a schooner, a yacht…or better yet…

a pirate ship?


They’d dream it was from a pirate ship…that sails the seas no more

and wonder if those pirates buried their treasure…somewhere along this shore…


Their parents have long since passed away…

but now it’s their children’s children who adore

discovering their imaginations 

on their walks along the shore.



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