"Astrological Astronomy"

by Jeph Johnson

She said quietly,

Under her breath:


"But you know I'm a Gemini"


I snapped back
Loud and clear:


"Don't be a Gemini around me

Or I'll take out my Aries!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Twilla. 2002

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"Astronomical Astrology"

by Jeph Johnson

why must the zodiac dictate my pleas 

when handwriting falls from my wall
blurring illusions of frail fantasies
while reality is overhauled?


why do the malcontent seem satisfied
with a less than phenomenal mate?
wooingly wanton yet worldly wide-eyed,
sensuality seals up his fate


this master of many (though slave to a few
vices viewed wickedly weak)
despite clueless forces somehow still knew
the method transcends the mystique

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