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Daniel S Loeb And Ashtanga Yoga

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Daniel S Loeb is a billionaire hedge fund founder who practices ashtanga yoga. It helps, he says, to still the mind and to make better decisions in ones field of work. Among other disciplines, ashtanga yoga teaches the control of breath. Loeb quoted the Patanjali sutra 'yoga chitta vritti nirodha' which he translated as ‘yoga quiets the fluctuations of the mind'. He has contributed foundation money for yoga classes in public and charter schools. One of his ethical principles, he recounted, was ‘first do no harm' (in Sanskrit ahimsa or nonviolence) . In his first month in India studying ashtanga yoga, he developed a lifetime passion for spirituality, contemplation and meditation. He worked with others to bring the Dalai Lama to a forum on economic systems in relation to spirituality. The gentle voiced and kind-eyed man has a magnetic attitude about yoga, saying that if one practices ashtanga yoga daily, it will give all, and that if someone does something right often enough, he or she will win.

Along with his unusual mental energy perhaps increased by his yoga and breath control, he maintains physical fitness as a selfdescribed 'health nut', through marathons, skiing, biking and surfing. He encourages his employees to become physically fit.  He has eliminated caffein and avoids buying water in plastic bottles which create carcinogens.  He has often at 5: 30 am done a yoga posture involving hooking his ankles behind his neck. He seems to wed a genius for investing with a psychic power of precognition and the hard work of research analysis, while others are increasingly using astrology as an analytical tool in buying and selling.

Many yoga teachers recommend vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian diet. In each butchered mammal, bird, or fish is uric acid, the preurine present in muscle cells when life stopped. Uric acid, trioxypurine, gathers in needle formation around the joints causing the pain of arthritis and creating rigidity. Rigidity is the foe of yoga, the creator of flexibility. Vertical or horizontal lines in the brow are an indication of uric acid. In each piece of meat or fish is also animal fat, cholesterol, which clogs the arteries, blocking the circulation necessary for yoga. In each bit of dead flesh is adrenal residue. When animals, birds and fishes are fighting for their lives during slaughter, they secrete massive amounts of adrenalin in terror and agony. Although some of the links of adrenaline hormone are broken in cooking, enough remain intact that eating the flesh is a form of eating biochemical anger, counterproductive to the peace yoga brings. These are only 3 of the hundreds of toxins in meat and fish. Partaking of the flesh of murdered animals is bad karma, a spiritual debt.

Millions believe in reincarnation as is taught in many religions, that one life as a human is not time enough to pass all our tests. Loeb's chart indicates he has passed many tests in previous lives. In his natal chart he has a close conjunction of the sun, mercury, venus and mars in sagittarius, the sign of focus, truth (sometimes unusual frankness) , sports, freedom, laughter, travel. In addition he has a conjunction of pluto and uranus in virgo, jupiter and saturn in capricorn and aquarius. His progressed chart (February 1962) and the charts of fellow souls who natally or in progressed charts are 1962 aquarians, were discussed by the famed astrologer Sydney Omarr. There are SEVEN aspects (6 planets and a node) in aquarius in that chart. Aquarius is the sign of Robin Hood, who takes back stolen wealth from kings and gives it to the poor. Aquarians take authority from themselves, and not from any level of earthly authority pyramid. They generally have a friendly affection for all, with a special defense of the underdog, the rejected, the eccentric. When the US was born in 1776, the country's moon was in aquarius. (US movie audiences prefer successful bank robbers to those caught by the police, one indication of an aquarian moon.) Loeb has attracted much more media attention than most hedge fund managers. His many aquarian planets surround the US moon. Loeb has astrological aspects in all 4 signs mentioned in Daniel and Revelation. These are the scorpio eagle, the leo lion, the taurus ox and the aquarian human or angel. This is called the fixed cross and rotates with dynamic power when one lets go. Loeb has been known in the past for his frank and analytical letters crticizing corporate leaders, perhaps a function of pluto and uranus in virgo.

Loeb raises money for the ocean protection group the Surfrider Foundation. He and his wife raise consciousness about women's rights with their feminist art collection and will, he said, be expanding their philanthropic work. His employees include people of several faiths, Hinduism and Islam as well. Loeb's bookshelves include Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Nobel laureate vegetarian who criticized Vladimir Nabokov for impaling butterflies.

He continues both parents' work in civil rights and works for the rights of minorities. He has hosted holiday parties in Harlem rather than at one of the expensive Manhattan options.

This writer thinks of another wealthy man, Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Cafes, who went at least 15 times over a 15 yearperiod to India in order to have an interview with Sri Sathya Sai Baba, believed to be a poornavatar or full avatar by over 100 million people. Tigrett recounted how Baba had saved his life in miraculous ways twice, once by teleporting from India to pull him out of a Porsche plummeting over a cliff, and a second time teleporting to pull his tongue out of his throat and slap him back into his body after he had died of a cocaine overdoes. Tigrett broke a record in being the only Westerner to travel so often to the Puttaparthi ashram without having an interview with Baba. During these years, Tigrett was often advised by fellow followers that it would be good to disinvest from the sale of animal flesh and alcohol which are one aspect of the Hard Rock Cafes. After he sold the Hard Rock Cafes, 40 stores for ten million dollars a piece, he was given an interview by Baba. Subsequently, Baba guided him to use much of the money to build a very well equipped entirely free hospital in Bangalore, India, one which has performed 10,000 free heart surgeries annually. Sai Baba has asked his Indian followers legally to ban cow slaughter in India. This has now been accomplished in most Indian states.

The first 2 men publicly to break the 4 minute mile are British vegetarian Roger Bannister and Australian vegetarian John Landy. Those who believe that animals and plants have rights hope that Loeb's Third Point hedge fund will disinvest from any mutual funds invested in fast food, slaughterhouse, fishnet suffocation, and factory farm products, drug companies which inflict pain on animals, lumber companies involved in deforesting the planet, destroying animal habitat and creating global heating, any pricegouging unionbusting corporation.

Albert Einstein wrote in his autobiography that angels gave him the theory of relativity in a dream. Schumann recounted that after a series of painful explosions in his ears he began to hear angelic music, He was not he said a composer but only an amanuensis of the music he'd heard. Elias Howe had a breakthrough in his invention of the sewing machine when he dreamt that American Indians were carrying spears with holes in the metal of the tip. Friedrich August Kekule after working on carbon carbon compounds for 7 years had a vision of a snake biting his own tail. Before that it was not known that benzene and other molecules could have a ring shape. It is astounding to realize that Kekule is similar to Kikeleh, German for little circle'. These 4 tales are an infinitesimal fraction of spiritual and physical discoveries which come not from inflicting suffering on animals but from believing in ones inner connection to God and God's infinite knowledge.

Many agree that capitalism can through the pure energy of money materialize helpful new products through enabling inventions, technological breakthroughs, water projects, adding to the job market. Not all agree that the accumulation of wealth among 1500 or more known and countless secret billionaires is conducive to the dispersal of democratic power. Conflict over capitalism's markets between the Kaiser and the King of England caused WW1. Bankers' desires for reparations after WW1 created the seeds of WW2.  Capitalism's wars in Korea cost half a million deaths to one side and millions to the other while in Vietnam the war cost millions of Vietnamese to die or suffer injuries with 58,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries to Americans.

John F Kennedy's desire to end the Federal Reserve and bankers' domination of US economic policy were, say many scholars, two of several factors in his assassination. Capitalism has been the drive behind union busting, sweat shops, and what some would call the theft of the fruits of others' labors. It was the socialist governments of Iraq, Syria and Libya and not the petroplutocrat monarchies and sheikdoms which were bombed or invaded in the last few years by capitalist powers.  Even Agatha Christie wrote of the way Anglo Iranian Oil's engineer carved out the richest oil deposit area of Iraq and called it Kuwait, followed by the British empire's installation of a a puppet sheik on the throne. Should allegedly political democracies kill to prevent economic democracy?  No nation in which an unelected Supreme Court can trump the will of 360 million other citizens is a democracy, nor is a Senate in which Wyoming senators have 72 times the power per person of California's.  The money of the few decides our elections through vote fraud, a corrupt Supreme Court and a media controlled by the plutocracy.  Dr David Spitz has written that it is fallacious to aver socialism as the opposite of democracy since socialism and capitalism are economic systems while democracy, dictatorship and oligarchy are political systems.

Does capitalism depend on scarcity?  An acre of ground can yield 450,000 or more pounds of the fruits of trees, vines, fruitbearing plants.  The maximum 'food' yield of an acre of ground devoted to mammal flesh is 1000 pounds,  while in semi desert it is 100 pounds an acre.  Mixed economies (capitalism and socialism) such as Sweden have more wealth per individual than countries spending trillions on killing wars.

These ahimsa (universal nonviolence) rules for investing are humbly offered.

1. First do no harm (excludes investment in fisheries, slaughterhouses, fast food chains, drug companies doing research on animals, weapons, lumber corporations, mutual funds invested in any or all of these, insecticide makers, etc.).

2. Invest in that which creates good fruit (mass transit, orchards, solar, wind, thermal and other nonviolent energies etc)

3. Companies which satisfy the first 2 conditions which are well managed and create ethical profit.

This writer owes a debt of gratitude to D Loeb. Having had yoga on my to-do list since the age of 20, ignoring it year after year, I was inspired to do the first steps of ashtanga yoga and received relief from a painful pinched nerve, decreased appetite and more energy.

With all the recent news of National Football League players involved in domestic battering and child abuse, many hope that the yoga which creates peace and health will replace in schools and universities the football correlated to violence and injury.

Bruce Friedrich writing in the Huffington Post speaks of the UN as well as billionaires Bill Gates, Sergei Brin, saying the world has to move away from meat.  Billionaire Mort Zuckerman and wealthy Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, have publicized their vegan diets.

http: // l-gates-sergey-br_b_4094943.html

'One area where we're seeing room for hope is with work from the Gates Foundation, Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, who are bringing their skills and vision to the huge global warming problems with animal agriculture.

Just a few weeks ago, the latest report from the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) , 'Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock, ' confirmed that more global warming is caused by the meat industry than by all cars, planes, trains, and other forms of transport combined.

Meat clocked in at 14.5 percent of global warming gases globally, to transport's 13 percent.' The growing knowledge of the deliberately hidden incidence of Mad Cow, Mad Pig, and the hundreds of toxins in animal flesh make meat a poor investment.

On Sept 27, 2014, an NPR show mentioned that NPR had taken a bath on its 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock. In September of 2014, in 150 cities there were pickets about the low wages in fast food chains.

5 reasons fast food chains are in trouble
http: // nalds-having-bad-summer

http: // t_And_Tears_Ingredients_In_The_Flesh_Of_Murdered_ Animals_-by-saiom

Famous vegetarian vegan and fruitarian athletes
https: // v=7Pw5K3rBNjc

-Saiom Shriver-

A footnote: Mr Loeb, though you are no longer on the Yahoo board, please reinstitute the ‘expand page' function and install a scroll function for postings on Yahoo Groups.

http: // 317906-1/dalai-lama-free-enterprise-happiness

A video of a discussion of capitalism and socialism with the Dalai Lama and Daniel Loeb.
Daniel 1: 8-17 Daniel ate vegetables, not the king's meat.

S B Everett paraphrased: Daniel had no fear in the lion's den. He teaches us to avoid any thoughts of negativity or fear.



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