Yesterday I wrote poem how about how when the ocean waves meet the land they leave little drawings in their wake…little artworks in the sand.


Marilyn, and old friend from my Ohio high school days (that was a long time ago!) reminded this now-Floridian…there’s also artistry in the snow.


She opened a door into a room in my mind where memories of old art I retain:

Like waking up and looking out my window to see the snow after a rain…


How the world outside was different than when I went to bed at night.

How everything was coated in little coverlets of white.


How overnight while I slept…there was an unexpected freeze…allowing nature to paint the snow that fell onto the branches of the trees.


Everywhere I looked snowflakes could be found…

Clinging to the rooftops…blanketing the ground.


But nature was not content with snow dominating my entire view…

So she added beams of yellow from the sun against a sky she painted blue.


And knowing she needed to add more color into that day’s art’s design…she added drops of red by painting cardinals in the pines.


So thank you Marilyn for reminding me…for making me aware

nature’s beauty is not unique to Florida…it can be found everywhere.


Thanks for reminding me it’s in the widest ocean…in the smallest babbling brook…that beauty’s all around us…if we take the time to look.


Thanks for opening a door to a room I closed long ago…

Thanks for allowing me to stand on a beach in Florida…

and remember the beauty of a winter snow.



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