apart silence living

Silence means


Silence means




Living apart a thought of sight


No words are said as a deafening silence is on


Yet not least concerned - a joy for claim


But hurts on the other.


If you believe


Joyful in own world


Playful in self sport


A claim of mine must be superficial in tone


Might be a lines of convince.


By who’s-who you may lament


My ears may be big


My pores may suck


All my muscles may jerk off


Yet not for sake of hearing -a move of understanding


Silence in its own stake a pleasure of mine


May not be the same that they go in wedlock


For being you, dealt in another cup of my own


A measured motion of too many words


Always fall short to know how best you


Yes living in apart a quality moment to know


How best we live for who’s-who


No worldly talk can weigh


How best we made


Living apart is just act of sight and silence