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Thoughts of self inflicted wounds.

The glass half empty.

The taste of watered down whiskey;

Helps me to forget that night in Kansas City.

Pour another glass.

Let's talk about the better days.

Nothing lasts forever.

Not even this glass of whiskey flavored pain.

Shot after shot.

Another round to stop my thoughts.

Whiskey on the rocks.

Whiskey's all I got.

Taste the Devil's Cut.

Take another drink.

Forget heartache for a moment.

A shot of whiskey to help me think.

Whiskey on my breath.

Whiskey in my cup.

Drink away the thought of death.

Whiskey, wake me up.

Drink until the dawn.

The bottle empty on the bar.

I love my whiskey.

It helps me forget who it is you are.

Whiskey in the morning.

Whiskey late at night.

The time of day doesn't matter;

When the whiskey tastes just right.







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