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We are Gods

I steal the fire from "zeus"

and give back to the people


Olympus falls by my hand

and the gods are humbled by me


From the sky they fall to 

the earth below defeated


No longer gods but just people


A taste of their own medicine;

they will come too know what true desperation is,


With no longer any gods to worship, the people

are free to determine their own destinies for once


The slaves now masters

and the masters now slaves


Sons of man we write our own histories,

with nothing to hold us back but our own



Overcoming these troubles ahead,

we climb the moutain in brotherhood

as one united race. 











Author's Notes/Comments: 

below is above. Zeus and Hades/ hermes work together. Man must choose to be free of this control and determine his own destiny. 


To the underworld

we go,

these poor unfornate souls;

always destined was this fate,

to be where one cannot be saved

and once you go in there is no coming out


Drowning beneath the river Acheron

your screams shall merge with those of other's'

forever lost to the darkness, 

here you shall only feel despair.


The gods abandon you to this squaller,

petty mortal,  don't you know dogs do not go to heaven?


This is your home now, so you better get used to it,

you had your chance to live, so now it is time to die!!!!











Author's Notes/Comments: 


Drink the wine,

renew the soul,

begin the festival,

a time of complete letting go,


Sacrifice the temptation

and give in into these repressed desires,

be sure to throw all your fears right onto the funeral pyre;


Here we are all sinners and our judgement has been forgotten,

under Dionyus we are  all blessed with his absolution,

freed of the debt, we are free to beget,

patience no longer a virtue, better to just dive right in


Eat and drink as much as you please,

you will need all your strength for the coming days of ahead,

to life like a prude is to waste the opportunity to truly live


Apokolops is now

and we are all living in a state of constant rape,

but only pleasure can help us to truly fight the pain


Tired of the constant mundane,

be blessed with your reward,

heaven is right in front of your eyes

be sure to reach out and claim your prize


Tired of being tired, rest,

know the difference between the east and the west,

a time for war and a time for peace,

and right now the time is to feast!!!!


This harvest has been bountiful,

our bellies are now full,

these smiles on our faces

were well worth the toil


Taking care of us you do, Dionysus,

we give thanks to you for what you give us,

because we know at any time this

life can be taken from us.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


Our foxes and whistles,
make bubbles hit thistles.
The dawn is now short lived.


We’re mundane and boring,
and constantly warring.
Does no one hear that sound?


The lightning will beckon,
a harvest that threatens,
the hearth we do protect...


We have no control from under this cloud,
The bubble has popped,
The darkness is here,
All gone in a flash,
We all have been reaped.