It was 20 years ago…the year was 1999

and we thought the world would change….after Columbine


We hoped something would be done

after children were gunned down with their books

We thought the world would change…

and then came Sandy Hook


And we hoped something would be done

we can’t sit back and watch our children die…

and we thought the world would change

then came Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High…


But nothing has been done…

Today these mass murders persist

as we sadly add El Paso and Dayton to the list.


We should have learned our lesson

that was in that first mass shooting taught…

but after Columbine, 

after Sandy Hook…

after Parkland…

we did not.


We like to think we are not a heartless people 

although we act just like we are.

At what point do we as a nation say

this has gone too far?


So once again I pray we find a solution…
once again I pray we’re ready draw the line…

so we don’t have to wait another 20 years


after Columbine.

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