A Florida Christmas EVE

We had just finished reading Twas the Night Before Christmas

“Good Night children.” Their mom and I said.

“Wait a minute Dad…something’s not right. We live in Florida.” Our eldest son said.


“It’s too warm down here for the reindeer.” (Our second son said sounding defeated). “How does Santa deliver the presents if all his reindeer become overheated?”


“There’s no snow, it’s not cold and we have no chimney.” (This statement was made by our daughter) “How does Santa deliver presents to those of us who live on the water.”


I looked at my wife and smiled…my hands thoughtfully covering my mouth.  “You mean we’ve never told you”, I said sitting down, “how Santa delivers presents to the south?"


“Santa’s reindeer love to fly…high across the winter sky they soar…but even they get tired so when Santa’s sleigh reaches our shore he gives his reindeer a break on the beach with some suntan lotion and a bale of hay…and hooks up nine Florida dolphins who take over guiding his sleigh.”


“Thank you for helping all my dolphin friends!” each year Santa happily exclaims.

Then one by one they smile and nod as Santa Claus calls them by name.


On Aqua, on Ocean, on Brooke, on Marina…Noelani are you ready for me?

On Splash, on Delta, on Raindrop…it's time to guide me out over the sea.”


“Over and under the sea we will swim…look smart, please stay in two rows…and when it gets too dark to see out there…on Coral…please light up your nose.


“You see Santa is very resourceful.” Dad said…”I hope you now understand…how he can deliver his presents on the water as easily as on the land.”


“Many children all over the world see Santa and his reindeer and instantly believe...but only the children in Florida see Santa and his dolphins on Christmas Eve.”


If you look out your window tonight you might see…on the water…in the moon light arise...a sleigh pulled by nine dolphins, Santa in short sleeves with sunglasses covering eyes.


And if you're lucky you even might hear him exclaim as he and his dolphin drive out of sight.

Happy Christmas to all the children in Florida…

and to all the children in Florida…

a good night.

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