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Stop Vape

Stop Vaping


skip the beat with robotic meat your turn with vapor power

pouring out for a great cause eager to alarm just for you in papal pew

light upon light for a certain right caged in the fight your caption went

learn softly in the timidity;

time is cut short to project the report

shallow pools resort


Stop your vaping to know you have been faking

peril smoked chicken was dizzy in the making

Stop the vape

Stop the vape

out of the corner of your eye


you threw up in your mouth

cash to start

who are you kidding ?




Signal the phone fare from home...

Savor the shower cool as the wire
Shadows the plot thinking a lot;

lone rivers to each run
the cascading falls to rivers edge,

a shadow escape to grab the bait
through barrren sky a slight lulabye

People swing open chards of food to display;
love is the condition to let things go
parade through the historic swing
silence is some what a virtue,

comedy stuck inside of me
George Orwell spins to turn
right to the edge of time
brace for the opinion
shallow pool of gold

my stomach swell
engaged on puree hell
follow faces to cling to gold
spreading beat the news
credit launched to case...


Devil Door Jam

won't hook into the 

hinged hanging man

Severed every bridge 

that brought 

you back 


Your place within

are you running? 


Last night I 


for you running in tears

I was looking for APOLLLO

inthe streets of Chicago 

I was looking for you




why didn't you turn the car around


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Totaled my car 

after coming home from malibu

with my dog apollo in the front seat

I came to... after aip bag went off ..

I saw the someone had opened the passenger door and he ran

I looked for over four hours


bloodied up 

broken ribs 

and totaled car still in the middle of broadway

I had just left paradise

back in chicago no more than 10 minutes 

I totaled my car

lost my dog

I lost my path

I lost my way back


In 1992 I came down with the flu forgot to get my shot


misery loves company amidst a parting few intact


aroused from the flames a given chance to rearrange


we look to dig so deep a hero's peak complete the sheet




Life is full of surprises


captured in a dream


through a horrific scene


we seal our destiny




a chance encounter


for one to grow fonder


a certain place up yonder


if given a chance




to take a part in the dance


living on borrowed time


down to my last thin dime


consistent with the rhyme




it pays to be kind


today is here tomorrow has passed


a reason to grasp


The Total Magnificance Of Christ The Lord

God's power works best in my weakness


God pours out himself by the holy spirit


my faith makes me whole in spirit, soul & body


I empty my mind of all thoughts except for the thought of God




God's infinite love and grace is what gives me life


i will give thanks to theLord for his mercy endures forever


every word of God is pure he is a shield that puts their trust in him


I am open to the wisdom and peace of God as he guides me in everything I do




the Lord is with me where ever I go


in God I trust & am no afraid


your help has made me great


I live by faith not by sight




The same love that God has for Jesus is in me


I am open to the healing power of the Lord


I waited patiently for the Lord & he heard my cry


a song of praise to our God








his will stregthens my heart


you oh Lord am a shield above me and the lifter of my head




the Lord is near to the broken hearted


they that wait for the Lord shall renew their stregnth




I am gentle and lowly in heart you will find rest for your souls




the eternal God is the light that shines through the darkness


the Lord turns my darkness into light




the best thing to do right now is to put your faith in God


put your hope in God for I will yet praise him my God




be strong and take heart all you that trust in the Lord


I let go oof fear I let go of pain




praise be to the father of our Lord Jesus Christ


I am willing to be transformed by the renewing of my mind




humble yourselves therefore under God's mighty hand


have pity on me oh Lord




do not be anxious about anything let your requests be known onto God


I can experience the joy of authentic service through God






I will praise ye oh Lord with all my heart comfort my spirit


the Lord God is in your midst the mighty one he will save




I surrender all my problems to God as he bares that burden for me


the Lord watches over you the Lord will keep you from all harm




the Lord will watch over your life


I put myself in God's hands




dry bones hear the word of the Lord


behold I will cause breath to enter you & you shall live




I ask for forgiveness from all I have wronged me


I never lose heart for God is caring for me




I choose a mind of faith case that is a way forward


Lord let your ear be attentive to this here your servant




I am redeemed each day I'm reborn a fresh


trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding




faith shelters me in storms releases me from self absorption








then they cried in the Lord in their troubles and saved them in their distress


the Lord is my strength and shield




praise the Lord my soul don't forget all his benefits


he crowns you with loving kindness




satisfies you in good things so your youth is renewed as the eagle


may God himself sanctifies you through & through




the grass withers and the flowers fall but the word of our God stands forever


your word is a lamp for my feet a light for my path




I have the anointing of Jesus through the power of the holy spirit


God's power works best in my weakness




God pours out his love into my heart by the holy spirit


my faith makes me whole in spirit, soul & body




I empty my mind from all thoughts except for the thought of God



One by one.

They bowed down,

Before the leader of the pack.

Dominus, Dominus, Dominus,

They chanted.

And took a bite on the neck.

The silent one. Bowed down like the rest ,then leaped and ripped out his thoat.

Fowl,  fowl.

They cried,

Usurper, usurper,

Knashing their teeth,

They began to circle around.

The bitches jumped in ,

And said with a grin,

He is our choice,

You will submit,

Or you will have to deal with us.

They lowered their shoulder,

As they circled around,

And talked amongst themselves.

He won't last,

A week,

A day ,

An hour.

Dominus, Dominus, Dominus,

He said.

Let's try to get along.

Lest you find out,

Why I'm standing where I am.