Addiction pain numbness

The Serenade (Chapter 1)


To Begin my tale at the point of celebration
The festival calls for my demonstration
The jester cries out with glee
Converging on my restraint and pleas
The want to be a part of life
The itch to burn inside the fire
The liquid of redemption

"The rushing sensation
Surging temptation
Gathering restoration
Inside my need, want, hunger, desire"

I take a sip, what harm could come?
There's only a little life taken upon my resolve
No hesitation, no justification
So far it's fun and games

Dance with me my beautiful guise
Caress my inner hunger and respite
Guide me to forget any abomination
Any memory I'm in love with
Wipe It Away

The laughter uplifts the appraisals
From the courts and festival participators
The delicate moonlight slowly dissipating
Casting light and it stops illuminating-
All critics, sin, noise, and problems
Giving a rush to my self-destruction

Soon we lounge and rest
Sleeping together and whispering romance
Soothing, sighing, peaceful slumber
Gently relaxing with the elixir's toxin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a series on addiction I have started. This is the first of many chapters I have started.

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