Who am I and for that matter who are you?

This is a good question to explore for neither of us are the same person who we were the day before.


As we enjoy another 24 hours living on this orb we are changed both you and I by the experiences we absorb.


Everything we feel…every person we meet throughout our days

we absorb…and that changes who we are in vast or subtle ways.


Whatever good or bad happens to us…it’s all a part of our growth.

And if we’re lucky once absorbed we’ve learned a little bit from both.


And if we’re truly blessed from the experiences we’ve had…

at the end of the day we’ve absorbed more good…even from the bad.


So when asked the question, Who am I…I guess the best that we can do is to answer who we are right now for in one minute we’ll be somebody new.


Because who we are in the next minute…or tomorrow as we live another day upon this orb depends not only on who we were…

but on all the new things we’ll absorb.



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