As time goes by, the Demons seem to come more frequently, they seem to catch the edge of my sanity.

Even when I smile, a smile which hides my pain and turmoil.

As time goes by, I see the faces of my lost comrades, my friends, those that stood with me as the lead flew around us.

Even when I smile, tears run down my cheeks and I look at the sky above wondering what am I doing here and they are not?

As time goes by, I look at myself in the mirror then I stare at my hands. Once clean now bloodied from doing what I knew what had to be done.

Even when I smile, I bear witness to the pain that I caused to those that would hurt. Yes, to do it again to protect those I love. I would do it again.

As time goes by, I suffer from constant nightmares, anxiety attacks, bouts of rage, remorse. Still I carry on.

Even when I smile, the thoughts never leave me. The weight of it all bears down on me like
Atlas carrying the world on his shoulder.

As time goes by, I stand strong, I smile, I carry on.

I dedicate this poem to all who suffers from PTSD, we suffer in silence. Though you may not see the scars, we at times hide them very well.

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   If I was your son, I be your seed,

The one who let me out to this world,

If I was a punch, I would choose the one,

You gave to my pregnant mother,

If I was the traumatise child,

I would be the one listening his mother screams,

If you were holding the metal belt,

I would be the kid with the scare,

If you was the one broking glass on the floor,

I was the one walking bare feet upon it,

If there was a closest,

I was the one hiding inside it,

If was an beaten puppy with metal bar,

I was the son force to watched it,

If I was the man who was pushing his wife by the window,

I was the small child, weeping for help,

If I was the man scalping your mother,

I was the one holding the knife,

If I was the son of the woman begging for help,

I was the one ready to push the blade inside you,

If I had follow your path,

I was the animal trap in your cage,

If your were my father,

I would have stop drinking myself to death,

If you were my blood and flesh,

I am glad you took your delirium six foot’s under,

If I had a choice,

I wish, we could had the chance to spoke once,

If I could turn the clock,

I would tell you, I had long forgave you,

If you can hear me from above,

I was simply telling you, I love you dad.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

someone told me last week , forgiveness was not something you learn but a gift?

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