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I can take no more….
Saying it with no remorse

Who has had more pain?
And please do not refrain.

Though I must say it has been fun.
When I sat in the sun.

Just want the universe to know
The hurt me is over show.

Puzzles of different emotion
Intersect with every notion.

For who did what and why
And without even so much as a sigh.

I am not a punching bag for you
This everyone knew.

Yes, GOD made me STRONG
But not to be a sad luck song.

He wants me to survive
and with every breath survive.

I am not hateful towards you
So please do not be blue.

Let us be happy we are alive
With no more tear-jerking cries.

The night is lonely already
We need not add to the recipe.

Joy wants to see the light
Of nothing more I am sure is right.

Jesus loves both and all of us
Just because, because, BECAUSE.…

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