My Quote

"Success is feeling proud of the magnificent works."

                                                    - From the poem ''Success''.

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My Quote

"The torchbearers like the saints pave ways."

                                                - From my poem "Success".

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My Quote

"Reality is rather impolite and alive with farce!"


                                                       - From my poem "The Widow".

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My Quote

"Nature's grudge is beyond tolerance."

                                                           - From my poem "Global Warming".

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Forgive & Forget

What more can be done
When you shout, what voice is heard...none
Is there yet to suffer?
Depends but it gets tougher
Or more to come?
Counts on who it's from
No matter the time or the day
Or which ever way you feel
Doesn't hurt to say "Hey"
All but sooner is when you heal

Want a cause and effect
Easy have a problem with somebody?
Don't hate it just becomes a hobby
Just Forgive and Forget.
Or otherwise you'll Relive and Regret.

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My Dream within a dream

"Do you know how to dream? I do not mean to want, or to lust for desire. Yet to truly dream, allowing your mind to take you places you had never known to exsist. Letting go of the ego that is your basic personality. Where reality is but just an Illusion, This body you see before you is but just a dream. The ego hides our soul, pure energy on the truest scale. To me this is the dream within a dream."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a lil quote that popped into my head.

One of those days

Today is one of those days; where I don't want to wake up, get up, or exist as a molecule on this world. And it seems like these are becoming more frequent since outrageously pondering that I could save the world.

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Man is the head
Woman is the neck
The neck turns the head
Who is the head?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hey, think about this one...Is it not true?

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