love romantic


A romantic evening was set before my eyes when her beauty was brought to my attention
I was like a robot who couldn't comprehend anything about love or feelings for that matter
And you programmed me to be perfect
A beautiful weather kept awakening my drowsy heart with roses she kept throwing unknowingly
I stood and watched such perfection setting my emotions above the atmosphere
I was just a victim who fell in love
With just a glimpse of her i was in heaven
I stormed with joy with a heart in my hands as my offering for this to never end
Her lips struggled to move and so smile her she gave.

Gavin Sebake ©10.26.2018

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Heart Has A Story To Tell, just listen.

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But for Her

When darkness twists the truth

and madness is my only hope,

wasted winds settle all around me

and grace loses all face

But for her


When lost is no longer gone

and the edge is uncertain,

holding on swirls in confusion

and letting go lingers in mercy

But for her


When doubt consumes desire

and loneliness takes my hand,

red rose petals light no fire

and a lover’s moon holds no sway

But for her


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I Have Yet Forgotten

Oh, I have yet forgotten all those doves that flew above,

where life glowed clear and boundless, in the presence of her love.

And I have yet forgotten bright winged butterflies in Spring,

aflutter there around us, where the angels came to sing.


Oh, I have yet forgotten peace and comforts of the heart,

where hope shined in the daylight, and so came to play a part.

And I have yet forgotten ever free our love to be,

reflecting like the starlight, on a deep 'n dreamy sea.

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My Angel

You are to me
All that a man could be
My love for you
Is here for all the world to see
The gleam in your eyes
Is what keeps me alive
You are the vision of handsome
You see in front of me
The minor sound of my sweet voice
Is enough to make your heart rejoice
You're like an Angel to me
The most handsome person
This world shall ever see
A special place in your heart
You shall forever have have for me
I am your Love
I am your world
I am this Beautiful Angel to you,

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