love poem


January is cold
But not for me
For the love of my beloved rare woman
Keeps me warm and cosy
She is Aphrodite the Adorable
She is Venus re-incarnate
She is a woman and not a saint
A Helen who cannot be owned
By any bloating and old King Priam.
She is my Lush Lily
She is my Lethal Lips
She is my lass on our pirating adventure
And I am her Captain Blood.
I see people huddling and rubbing their hands
To provide warmth to their coldness within
But I am quite warm
And stronger than Samson and Hercules
And feel faster and speedier than Muhammad Ali
In fact I do not feel any cold at all
For my rare, beloved woman's love
Is all the warmth I have ever longed for
And which God has given to me
In so much abundance
And very gratefully I am thankful to Him
For the love of the one who is a total woman
A woman which men dream about or fantasize
Yes, by God, she is that --
My rare, beloved adorable woman....
Let her remain, as ever, anon....

                 Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed on January the 26th, 2011.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on and for the woman who truly loves me.She is the solace and warmth, comfort and ethereal, a perfect blend of the spiritual and the temporal. With a heart of gold and a being pure, she loves and only loves...and her greatest measure of love is for me only. Thanks to Allah/God Almighty. People and lovers of romantic folklore and true stories have read about many lovers but ours will be a really remarkably individual love story, blessed by God Almgithy and His divine and blessed angels. I twill make lovers forget all other tales of love and passion....God willing....ONE DAY.

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I knew right away it was love in a heartbeat the moment I first found her there by my side.

The feeling I felt was my heart for the giving. Such love to flow free, it could not be denied.

Somewhat like a dream, then again, like a song, whichever it ring blessings divine.

To think how I'd been only hours before. I'd wandered in prayer, just in search of a sign.

But then all at once, how my being found comfort! She sparked life anew through her delicate charms.

For I found the sky when I found her beside me. And I found the sun when she fell in my arms.

Such hope there I felt there upon her arrival. Angelic the sun's light that burst in the clear!

And although I wept, tears of joy came in falling, for I was so glad just to know she was near.

Yes, I am so thankful to now be among her, and praise all her worth so at peace in God's light.

And I am so grateful. The setting to blind us. To gaze into love, such a promising sight!

I know now for sure that through faith we have risen, for holding her hand lends the blessings of Spring.

My darling,, you see, brought me love in a heartbeat. The song in my soul...she's awakened to sing!


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If You Only Knew...

If You Only Knew…

Your hopes and dreams are shared….
If you only knew…
My support and understanding is endless, I genuinely care….
If you only knew…
How incredibly simple this could be….
If you only knew…
I accept you, your
life and your need to be free….
If you only knew…
I’m really not perfect, not even close….
If you only knew…
I make mistakes, but growth comes from those….
If you only knew…
The rate of my heart beat when you’re near…
If you only knew…
The count of my tears when you’re not here….

If you only knew…
How much our
love has continually grown….
If you only knew…
How sorry I am for my actions, so needlessly shown….

If you only knew…
You are the only man I think about….

If you only knew…
I love you with all my heart, there is no doubt…
If you only knew…
There is only one you…

Written by: Gereen April Salkowski©
Written for: Martin C.
Date written: June 10, 2010


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I chased him away and sabatoged the relationship. Big mistake this time... If he only knew. <3

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Eternity Be

If I could write with tears

this page would be full.

A song would be written,

with plans to sing to you.

But the pages are empty

You're not here to read them.

I don't blame you, I blame me.

This pain is unending,

my thoughts relentless

if I could have you, we'd be.

You turned off your phone

I listened to the message,

just to hear your voice

speaking to me.

If I could sing with tears,

what a beautiful ending

to a beautiful song

I could almost write.

If I could let you know,

just how much I loved you,

you'd never have to wonder

and eternity be.

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Once Upon A Time,There Was You

Not that I want to forget you,
but it is time to let you go.
The tides of life is getting bigger,
and I don't want to wallow in.

Not that I want to erase,
the memories you etched.
But my poor heart is tired,
my soul wants to rest.

Not that I won't remember,
all the lovely yesterdays.
But moving on will make me,
treasure all the thoughts,
that once upon a time, there was you.

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An Orchid

I will bring you some orchids,
of different colors.
I remember those times,
when you grew them well.

A view from our window pane,
I see and I sigh,
such a beautiful sight,
with you watering in stride.

An orchid for you Dear,
this time of the year,
from our kids and our love ones,
coming from my heart as well.

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Your Orchids

Your orchids were all over our place,
lining the driveway and fences too,
from our window panes, one can see,
different colors abound the way.

Then there were times,
you hanged them upside down,
I never knew it was to save
the dying ones.
A funny way to survive,
but survived they did very well.

Day in and out, you talked to them,
telling them not to die on you,
you must have scared them alright,
cuz all they did was bloom in stride.

Then came the day, you were not around,
your voice they missed, your touch were gone,
wondering when, your waters will come,
wondering why, you did not even say goodbye.

One by one, the petals fell,
their colors faded, their luster paled,
they must have seen the tears from my eyes,
cuz one day, they all decided to die.






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