saranac lake sunset

little bird

i own the lake

with the three boats

strolling home

i own the end

of the summer day

with the sun balancing

on a mountain

for this moment

the light of the sky

with the hues of dusk

the back of my t-shirt

damp from the ride

a wake

from the stroll

plays patty-cakes

on the shore

this is my view

and the evening

breathes out of me

i turn

and ride away

away from the shore and

the dark that is coming

because the night is on loan

to other lovers

but is waiting for you

to dip your toes

into my ambience

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Lesson of Inky Obsession

Black board, black chalk…

-You can’t read that?

You have a lot more to learn.

Empty room, quiet chairs…

-Still not inky enough!

Replace the garments with heavy armors;

Or just hide behind the bodies of our brothers?

-Close, but sounds like a pity crying.

How about the begging ground,

the shredded sky, the missing moon,

the burned out stars for the ripped skin

with pouring blood, that feeds the soil,

and seeds the weeds of never found;

Or the moles habitating under ground,

juggling globe-like balls,

masked like clowns?

If this is not inky enough,

then the rest is just pink clouds

pinned to a baby blue sky.

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Painting on the Wall

Painting on the wall, tell me what you mean

With those hypnotizing colors, dark blues and forest greens

I see you tell a story, by the dancing winds and standing tree

The dead grass, full moon and the night?s mysterious breeze

Your tree casts a shadow, and falls upon the grass

Forming a skeleton like hand, with sharp ends like broken glass

I do not understand what all of this demands

Such complicated painting, painted by simple shaping hands

You try to tell me something, I can assure that is your chore

By the way I stopped in the hall, to admire your living soul

Represented in the painting, by the colors and hidden fears

And the troubling mystical meaning, I find nowhere clear

I walked two steps closer, and faced the painting with a frown

Then I realized I had known what the painting was about

I knew it all along, but expected something strong

Like a dream or fancy story, yet I was right nor wrong

To my eyes this painting meant, nature?s dark form and shape

Perhaps a night outdoors, or a somber land scape

Well now I shall conclude, my nightly visits through these halls

I?ll stroll again tomorrow, when I hear a painting call.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by a painting I saw

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Portrait of a Couple....I


doesn't want to be

all alone....

doesn't want to sleep

on his


wants to spoon

and be skin to skin.....

comfortable in what

he is in

resting softly on

his side...

waits for one,

he bides his time...

she comes and crawls

in nearby,

kisses him and

lies inside...

sheets of cotton,waves

and ripples,they

rest softly on

her nipples,she

turns and hugs

him tightly bound..

he doesn't stir,

nor make a sound...

they sleep

in peace

in earthly bliss...

till mornings' rays

gently kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By lilwinky
Written Tuesday, July 12th,2005

Note: I was watching the movie "CatWoman" and suddenly it was like a voice whispered "write me"..and I had to run and go and grab my poem book and a pencil to get this poem down! So, here it is!

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Boost Of Reality

the walls paint the floors red,

to the sounds of vibrating ears

echos of children screaming

fill the backround.

shapes, like squares,

surround the room and outline people.

blurry, but visible i stumble past.

feeling faint, but alive.

i hold my head, and shake the screams

holding myself up

everything's red, everything's blurry

i collapse into darkness.

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Sea of Light

Other Poems

Looking out over the dark waters.

Waves gently caress your boat.

Floating up and down.

Effortlessly sailing across the dark sea.

Stars shine brightly above.

They shine down,

And into your face.

The white and pure light.

It guides your steps.

Even in the darkest night,

There is light.

And even on this sea of black.

Light will show through.

The moon rises.

Its white light ignites the sea.

And your ship sails to it.

You’re lost among the stars.

Not a cloud among the sky.

The light hits the waves,

The most beautiful sight.

Floating in the sea of diamonds.

A sea of light.

You pass under the stars,

A trip among the heavens.

A single cloud crosses the sky.

And for a moment it at goes black.

Covered in the shadow,

As the hand of fog covers you boat.

Your gaze is broken,

And the sea of light,

Darkens once more...

Rain falls,

Light at first,

Then pelts your face.

Wind howls out of the night.

Charging you head on,

As lightning crashes at your side.

Thunder crashes about the clouds,

As your boat crashes about the waves.

You can't see,

As water splashes your face.

The ship rocks and flies among the waves.

Till finally a wave crashes into you,

And you are washed over the side.

You float helpless along,

Amidst stinging rain,

Blistering lighting,

And crashing thunder.

You see lights in the distance,

And use all your energy,

Killing your self,

Fighting the hands of fate,

And make your way toward the ship.

Don't heed the warnings on nature,

And finally touch the cold steel sides.

You climb aboard,

Freezing in the cool wind,

Water dripping down your clothes.

Drenched to the bone,

And frozen to the heart.

It strains to move the blood.

You walk into the first door you see,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not really sure what this is, but its just what came out...

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Rock N' Roll Dandelions

I like dandelions yellow,

with their wild punk rock


green stem legs, and

slender butts.

They bow their heads

in the breezes,

wow the "crowds", know how

to please us.

Jingle, jangle,up the groove,

play their guitars,

bend and move.

Swing n' sing,like

Jagger and McCartney,

dancin' to the beat,

they know how to "Part'te'!"

By lilwinky

Written Friday, July 1st,2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a good look at those dandelions in your ya think that they could eventually form a rock band, or heavy metal or more?
Usin' my imagination again, and again...never stopping,cuz' there's no end!

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Dream in Bluish Green......

Dream in blue,in bluish green,

raging oceans,tsunami's unseen.

Sing your sea chanteys, sing what

y'all know.

Sing 'bout the life, and the

oceans below.

Remember the grey moon,up there

at night,

the feel of the water,now it

feels so right.

Cooks' got a brew,

a stewin' for you,

don't get sick and lose your OH!


Back to the head, then jump

into bed,don't think of the 'green',nay!

t'was merely a dream!

by lilwinky

Written Friday July 1st,2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just started writing....I never truly know what images(if any) will randomly progress from my mind...and land on the paper! But, I think this one is tell me what you think?

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One Step of Time

I know,

This appointment was scheduled

Before I was born.

I had to report: “I’m alive”

And then go…

That colossal with reflecting windows

I inured to when and how.

So, I stepped- one step ahead-

No suit and tie required!

The burst inside me,

The thirst excited me and

I was not alone in the riot.

Tic-tac, tic-tac

Please, stop that clock!

And let me sight this, please…

The flow did grow with every step-

I jumped through two or three;

The lady on the second floor,

She said, she knew my destiny…

I climbed ahead, then more and more.

The group of men I met below,

Just rolled beside me in bizarre turmoil.

On my way I grew

With book or two

In search of “seeping- why?

The past that goes, went where?”

And who am I?

To run- I didn’t care.

That beaming light,

Pouring from above

Bleached my hair…

I couldn’t breathe

I gasped for air;


You see,

The endless puzzle

Of craft of life,

And you are just the missing piece;

And then again,


Your assigned door-

You find your peace…

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