Reflections i

Wulfman Adventures

The bathroom mirror is a lightning storm
of my own insanity.
Between the lightning bolt like cracks,
there is a black widow of sinned sense
spinning a web of truth.
Me, myself, and I.
I am a shattered self wrapped
in a webbed cocoon.


Windows of reflections suffer from my abuse
because I don't like the truth they tell.
All my problems and faults
look back to me from my own eyes.
All that is, all that was, all that has... it was me. The mirrors and I are the same.


The man in the mirror dislikes me
hence I dislike him the same.
'til one morn' we are silent,
who is what? - what is who?
Though in his eyes I see the man
that once lived and he sees the man he is becoming.
Our silence is one of feared
appetence of what we are.


In an angry blow
I break the mirror with a grin
of bliss from insanity.
In each flying shard
is a reflection of me screaming out its storey.
As the shards come to rest
my grin turns into a laughing fit
of a madden man.

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