Stay with me sweet nothingness

gentle nothingness

wrap me up in your sweet arms
keep me warm
calm me

sweet nothingness
breathe me
remove my thoughts
take me to an empty space
dark vastness

i float
past chatter busy voices rumbles scattered
alone in the silence
enveloped by peace

stay withing me, dear
don't abandon me
when i rise from my bed
and enter the daylight
forget me not
and i shall try
to remember you too

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Puddy to Stone

A ball of puddy sat crackling
in the sun, at a peak afternoon
hour in which it could not find cover
or shelter from the burning star.
It attempted to coil into a ball
but was unable to hold the form
for more than a moment, and
it felt shame in its struggle.
It puddled flat to dry soil and
could only sputter to itself
as its thick and slick exterior
was turned into a viscous goo.
But a sudden resolve would find
its way to the substance at hand,
delivering a reason to continue
and a reason to harden to stone.
So the puddy curled and fought
to remain upright, spherical and
all the while, it hurt and began
to crumble and fall into disuse.
But when the sun did set and
the determination had settled,
the puddy found itself solid and
able to roll towards the shade.

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Armour plated
Sword wielding
Grim determined
Heart beating
Friend and foe
Always leading
Is he man
Or God seething

Suited man
By clothes protected
He's the one
Best selected
Never losing
Fighting on
So well directed

One like either
Born to be
No conditions
Can set free
The making of
A man as he
No grasping straws
Create him thee

Patroclus in
A race to win
Was just a man
Of normal sin
He never knew
Mistake he made
To don the suit
In death he laid

What lesson learned
Too late to know
And not to be
A friend in show
But be yourself
And act no other
Even though
You be his brother

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