Sorry for the pain we've caused each other.

Pardon us for being so foolish and childish.

Erase our anger.

Erase those unhappy memories from our thoughts.

Can't hold any more electricuting lines.

How we've hurt each other by pretending.

Listen to the rain cry us to sleep.

Endless shouts and tears muffled by the nightingale

Silence seep through our viens and slowly envelopes us.

Spinning around,our footsteps said our last goodbyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Speechless is a very common problem in relationships. Whether it is between friends, family, lovers, makes no difference at all. Many times, the word sorry needs to be said and if silence falls, sorry must break through. Or like many tragic events that happened in the past, the relationship will break and never again, heal. I've experienced this loss and now I've got to live with it for I still cant make myself to speak out before my friend. So silence still stands between us. Let this be a lesson for the rest of you who havent experienced this heartbreaking event.

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endless days

my soul

Endless Days


I smile because of the days that have past
I go thru each one and perform my daily tasks
Each day comes to a lonely sad end
To only get up and do it all again

I laugh at all the silly things
That each day seems to bring
Wanting to cry from the memories in my heart
Nevertheless, I smile, I laugh, and I play the part

I hold it all in till I fall to the night
Alone in my bed, no one in sight
I let out the day and cry out your name
I fall to sleep with tears cried in vain

I then awaken to another endless day
Going thru this one much the same
I laugh, I smile, and I do it all so well
No one even knows I am living in hell



Joyce James

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the curse of me


the power of 1

the comfort of 2

3 is a crowd

so I am to you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, seems to me that even in a room full of people, I always end up alone. (ignore me, I'm rambling)

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After a Glance in the Looking Glass...












Perfection or at least Alteration






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughs about my pretty face...

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No Sign Of The Morning

Minutes and hours roll by and i'm sick

Of the tick and the tock of the clock and I'm sick

Of the hours and thoughts that won't end while it's dark

And the minutes as slow as tomorrow morning's sun

Stars can burn your eyes like the sun

If you stare at them long enough

Can't seem to wish upon the right one

And God knows I've tried long enough

But the thoughts that bring wishes

Bring with them despair

And time becomes endless

The longer you stare

The stars disappear

And take with them their prizes

And leave the sky black 'cause

The sun never rises

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title is lifted directly from a Dio song.

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