Stuck in a Thought

Assorted Stuff

What is this that’s happening to me
Is this what people call anxiety
Crawling out of my own skin
I feel it begin
I don’t even feel like I’m really here
Lost in my thoughts plagued by my fears
Am I imaginary, is this whole world an illusion
Insanity sets in as I play with my delusion
Am I crazy, schizo, just plain psychotic?
Try to grasp sane thoughts but it’s pretty chaotic
My heads a mess, my hearts beating out of my chest
Need to calm down but forgot how to rest
I’m in distress S.O.S
Please send help fast
I’m not sure how long I can last

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'11 Under Pressure

Under Pressure
Oh, Oh my, sweet holy hell!
How I dare, and start to dwell
These words from my mouth...
Am I just thinking out loud...?
My soul begins to reminisce,
Who should I blame for this?
Oops! There it again,
laughing to its own bitter end.
My eyes see what they want;
with a simple blink, all is gone.
It is now quiet with my heart in a race;
I'm listening, unable to control the pace.
I'm to blame, I blame, I, blame, I...
wonder, why am I living this lie?
I blame myself for this behavior,
Cooped up in my own container.
With my gentle grin, I stare at the sky;
A tsk then follows under watery eyes.
Stars begin to stretch with my tears;
It is time to release my lonely fears.
But, oh my sweet sweet holy holy hell...
what makes you so sure I'm gonna yell?
I'm listening...
I now wish to opt out.
I'm trembling...
Can you get me out?
© David Joel Rodriguez
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nothing but a trial basis...

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'10 Molested Modest Mess



Molested Modest Mess


Ok. I know that my work is not that great and I do not expect it to be great.
Feeding off motley movies at night every now and then of love and hate...
After those flicks, I combine imagination with a little bit of tainted reality
and come up with a written piece on a sheet which many will not agree.
An imagery viewed from another persons shoes, sharing for all to know;
Imagination filled with testimonial lust, grief, truth, lies, or love to bestow.
Wicked or sick, "harbored love and hate," conjugated, ridged and thick;
'Without a care,' post the silliness anyway and await saucebox critiques,
harboring those reviews, grab a pen and begin to write all night and day.
After all, mental and physical evidence looks better on paper anyway...
and if all's well, accepted work may be printed and all may be enthused;

or just be ridiculed with their ambiguities emphasizing the word, "issues"


© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Almost two months off of writing and away from the mead and this is what Harp Lager gave me for a thought....

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