bad writing

What I Have Become


All my life I have been

The get up and go type

Now I am just sitting here

And waiting to become ripe


I just sit here and wait

For anything, but it never happens

I go to school and come home

And to the paper I put the pens


At one time I came out with beautiful

Pieces of art. But all that is moot

Because I’m mentally instable

And now I come out with soot


Or that’s what I am told

Because what was once great

Now may as well be

A piece of hard slate



Written on

January 7, 2011 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written since my accident and it all is moot. Or so I feel. But yet I keep writing, because I figure it will be like my writing when  first started, it will end up being beautiful pieces of art.

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