This is sex and drugs

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I want to insert you in my veins, sniff you into my thoughts, drink you into my soul, overdose in your presence. Plagued in disasters, I need redemption. Free my bastered soul, it’s mischievous and deluded intents. Let me be your fear, set you still lay you down, sink my teeth into your throat and take whats pure. Your legs on my shoulders, let me drown in you. The way you live needs love, the way I love needs alterations. Submerging ourselves in broken dreams and empty vows. Lets fuck until our heart drops, gasp until our heart stops. Choke on our words, praise fake lords, pursue diseased whores. Let’s create for havocs sake.

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so many good lines in this, my over all fav tho is " The way you live needs love, the way I love needs alterations."

Much Love