Unspoken Words

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what is this all about
i ask myself
standing close by the sea
i see nothing that interests me
my mind fills up
i didnt realize ive been
collecting stuff over the years
but only because they
got to be too much
and were put aside for sometime
i dont know what most of it is
or where it came from
i dont understand what
any of it means
by this time theyre all antiques
i just want to know what this
is all supposed to be
this has to have come from you
since i was a baby
youre the only one who i
have ever listened to
i had no say then but
i was little so i
didnt try to stray then
nothing has changed since then
all but everything about me
and the way i doubt things
i cant help it
its what life has done to me
so let me be
i wish you would let me be
i try and try and try to spill
but your words only give me chills
never ever have given me
warmth like the sweaters
i like to wear and adore
they comfort me by
the way they hug me and
how the fabric touches my
skin just right making me
feel cozy and all safe inside
i know its only clothing
and its only made out of string
but i try to take in the
little things and i
try to make the best of everything
i doubt you will ever
be my home again
maybe i was never
truly yours back then
so i guess thats
when it all started
the time i was put
in your arms
held close to your heart and
i grew and grew
and grew and grew until
blue skies and butterflies
were all i knew
i grew and grew
and grew and grew until
i was no more adored by you
i felt poor and so then
i began to roar
and got torn along the way
i am so sore
but ive never been strong before
i try i just easily forget
to forget about my dirty skin
oh but not from you of course
you are not the source
of my ugliness and name
only the other side
is to blame
like you had no part in
creating your on shame
you make it so very clear
that i have no place here
i'll bite my tongue
until it bleeds
i'll swallow my words
until i cant breathe
hope for a day when
there will be relief

Raeleyn S.

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Those whole last 10 lines

Were absolutely amazingly constructed and written the imagery matched the emotions wonderfully! Excellent work there! Cheers SS

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