Stalk me eternally

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Here as I sit 
I feel your eyes watching me
I turn my cheek and your looking at me
Class ends as I watch you stand when I do
Racing me to the door 
you push, rush to get through 
Next class I won't see you
I'm sure you think of me too 
My boyfriend kisses my face 
Stalker kid watch me as I embrace 

Home I lay, enjoy my music
You're obsessed, your souls sick 
Drawing my name into your arm 
Open wound you're hurt inside 
Stalker kid, wish you could charm
Your dreams are a wild ride
Longing for me but can't you see
You and I could never be 

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ha, this kinda makes me

ha, this kinda makes me giggle.

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hahaha this is awsome

hahaha this is awsome

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I can relate...

I can relate...