I Hate the Way I Love You

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Love hurts a lot when it’s not shared
I wish that you could see
Every time I’m with you I wish you’d never leave
But without fail you always do
And I sit here all alone
Wishing you could understand
I can’t seem to let you go
I want you back but you won’t have me
Others take my place
I wonder when this love will end
For that I have no answer

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fucking love made my heart go

fucking love made my heart go kablooey

that bitch i loved, now i wish she never knew me

wish i never had this chick i call my ex

id give back all the good memories, kisses and sex

just poof, of her my mind would be eternally spotless

unike jim carreys character i wouldnt let my gut wrench

at the disapearing slides

of those days were we tried

to make it work but it didnt fuck love, ita worthless emotion

after all it is the cause of my heart exploding

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i feel the same way about a

i feel the same way about a friend of mine, she's my best friend. i thought it was well written :)