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hey all

I was invited into this site by a good friend of mine who understood that its very important to get things out in whatever way you can, for some its song writing others stories and for many here poems or prose. I understand that people write poems for variuous reasons some just have poetic diayhorea and others its a release but what ever the reason i think most will admit that one of the reasons is also to share our thoughts feelings or ideas which is why I must say I am surprised by how little people critique or just comment on each others posts on this site. I am not joined to any other poetry sites so maybe i am ignorant of a few things. so maybe some one may be able to give insight into the high level of restaint shown on this site.




The darkness outside is not so frightening as the one inside. Behind knowing smiles and crocodile tears we hide our fears.


Being angry at someone is to give them power over you, but to forgive is to take away that power.

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I comment a lot

after reading this, I will show more restraint! And write write write!



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Well Hell . Some of us just
Well Hell .
Some of us just don't know what to say , I've found that the same poem can mean many different things to different people .
How I interpret what someone wrote , Can and has got Me in trouble !
It's kinda like Bruce Springsteen's song Born In The USA . it was meant to show the shame of how we treated Vietnam Veterans .
Turned into a National Anthem and Fighting Song For the Patriotic Especially Us Soldiers ! ..........
And Then there's The Grammar Police !

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces