Sunshine As An Entity

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Every once in a great while I transform into a poet and write one that snags large parts of me and spreads me across creation in all its articulations, untimely, without pretense, or ego. To just say. I give you:



Sunshine As An Entity

                       (for Cascade)


Captured like a prism

into a beam across denominations

of one tone blending into 

imagined spectrals of enlightenment.


One shaft of light full of dust floating

and easily stirred with a breath, reflects

the eternal spin of stars against void

easily stirred with a passing 

comet, a fragment of some long 

dead star, a piece of a shattered idea.


One considers how small is small or

how much smaller is smallest. We fit.

We rise and fall. Like bodies born

and bodies buried,  we are what

we were born into; a well aimed shaft

of what was already the best



Stella L. Crews