Spontaneous Combustion

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1.    Psychedelic Punk Rock


Extemporaneously mellow,

I was living my life one day

and encountered Jimi on guitar.

He was just high, I thought, then

he broke into a disorderly rendition

of purple haze. The smell of burning

weed filled the air and now the day

smells of bright purple.


II.  The Green Submarine       


Extemporaneously floundering, I decided

that yellow is no longer cowering behind

anybody’s green tambura. The best tympani

is directed by a drummer’s fingertips, hip

as a bebopper, smooth behind the melody

speaking periodically, but only if the mix-man

is kind. Listen, while the submarine pings

descending. Listen as yellow tammbourines inside

the green hull wail and jingle and bang against the

thighs of the sea.


III.   Fog As Voiced Notes


Extemporaneously defensive, I heard that

oppressiveness got a letter of invitation

and showed up on time; the seats were sticky,

the day muggy enough to stifle the vocal chords

of the girl-group on stage. The show, like the band,

played on. Their songs melted hearts into humid

soul-aching emotion. Wickedness wanted

obsessively to clear the hall, then lock the doors,

and turn on dehumidifying air conditioning, but

Liberty kicked all aspersions to SRO status

and let the songbirds sing their sultry song.


IV.   Cowbells At Sunset


Extemporaneously astonished, we

found the cattle on high ground

after the storm. Too much water rising

caused the cows to cluster on an Island

of raised topsoil. The horses and sheep

changed to beaten beasts in flowing fields,

were drowned by failed water dikes,

broken dams, and too low levee overflow.

Airlifted, the cattle are now fodder for a new

farm and, shaking his head at the pile of dirt

he intended to flatten later this year,

the farmer decided to leave it there.


V.   Travel Log


Extemporaneously afloat, I sailed

from the southeastern Swiss Alps

to the North Sea in the Netherlands

along the lazy River Rhine. When it rained

it grew tumultuous, but mostly it was

calm under variously clouded and clear

skies. All in all, I got a very fine view

of Germany in winter.




Collaborative Effort with lizardking - Thanks for the great lines - allets




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. Thank you, lizardking, for


Thank you, lizardking, for the wondrous lines:


The day smells of bright purple
as yellow tamborines inside
the songbirds sing their sultry song
to beaten beasts in flowing fields
along the lazy river rhine.