The hole you left behind.

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In the mornings I wake up and fight back tears,
Thinking of you makes me feel weak,
But I continue to endear,
And seek,
A filling for this huge hole that you left behind,
Feeling out of control all hours of the night,
Struggling to keep my mind,
While crying my tears out of sight.
I don’t know why God took you,
Why he left me feeling numb,
Lost and hopeless with a new view,
On life, and I feel so dumb,
For slicing my wrists,
And making myself bleed,
I’m not twisted,
I swear, I just have one little need,
For a mother who can’t be there,
For one I can’t even see,
God took you away from me, it isn’t fair,
He took you to Heaven, leaving me no key.
I try not to question,
And I try not to cry,
But I’m in a depression,
And I don’t want to try,
To get out of it and be happy,
To be the old me,
But most of the time I just feel too crappy,
I just hope that you can see,
That I love you and I always will,
Even though you’re not here,
However I love you still,
And I’ll always believe that you’re in heaven, watching over my every fear.

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wow. this is really good. i

wow. this is really good. i cant imagine what i would b like waking up without my mom there:/