Four Verse

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So I recently invented a new poem type, since I was writing alot alike. It is called the four verse and is predictably only four lines. Double/hidden meanings are often used. Abstractism is always used. Here are a few Four Verse poems. Give me your opinion on the poems and on the invention itself please!



Thoughts turn into ashes,
And sprinkle in the light of dusk,
For what thought can survive,
Another's hating thrust.


Alone in the dark,
With no-one to cherish,
A seeker may give one final breath,
As his soul begins to perish,


The flames rise,
Burning all in their path,
The man's last cry dies,
As he suffers the fire's wrath.



Tomorrow and Yesterday


Tomorrow the sun will rise,
Just as it did today,
But one can always regret,
Not seeing it yesterday.

There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.

Heroes are not meant to survive.


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This has evolved as a form for you. Liked the last one about what wise humans fear and the fate of heroes. Well said. - allets



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~ This poem reminds me some what of a Haiku
I like how you only did 4 lines and can still get the meaning of the poem. Ans also, be able to visualize it.

:) ~ I like the poem and the style~

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So you have short poems. It

So you have short poems. It takes visual feel and description to start and end. You do well at this. I wait for comedy!