The Orgy of Pigs & Politicians

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The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Donkeys in Uncle Sam's Whorehouse


Part 15 of the musical by Wolf Larsen




And now the Statue of Liberty walks onto stage in a sexy miniskirt. She is waiting under a streetlight for a customer as she smokes a cigarette. A pig in a suit walks up, and notices her.




The pig in the suit sings: "Oh beautiful Statue of Liberty with a miniskirt, and her pussy for saaale, let the free market prevail and we’ll fuck on a bed of moneeey! Americaaa! Americaaa! Go ahead and bend over for meee! Because I've got moneeey, and you're the Statue of Liberty, so go to bed with meee!–"




As the pig sings various donkeys & elephants in sexy miniskirts can also be seen waiting for potential clients under the streetlamps on stage. Other pigs-in-suits walk on stage and ogle the donkey & elephant whores.




All the donkey & elephant whores sing together with the Statue of Liberty in the middle: "We want the money! Our pussies are like honey! Just stick it in and throw us some cash!"




All the pigs in the suits sing together: "We've got the money! We want your honey! Just bend over and let us business leaders run the country! Because this is the best democracy that money can buuuuuy!"




And then all the donkeys & elephants & the Statue of Liberty all bend over for the pigs as everybody on stage sings together: "Buy some democracy! Buy a judge or a cop or the president! So much money to be made from war! So much old money made from black slaves working the cotton fields! Grand old respectable money!  Fortunes made from white children working in textile mills 12 hours a day! Three cheers for the old red white and blue! It's really a great money-making zoo!"




The saxophone sings: "A greeaat big mooooney-maaking zooooo!"




And then there's a big orgy on stage with lots of money being thrown all around as everybody on stage sings together: "Oh money and politics and war and religion – it's all a great money-making zoo! This whole country rusting away – I’m surprised it doesn't just blow away! But what do we care? – we've got our money stashed away in the Cayman Islands! Ha ha ha! The people go to the hospital for a broken leg, and the bill gives them a heart attack! Ha ha ha laugh the insurance companies as you pay & pay! Ha ha laugh the banks as you pay & pay! Ha ha ha laughs Uncle Sam as you pay & pay! After all, pigs need all the bailouts they can get! Self-sufficiency is for suckers like you that do all the work! Ha ha ha!"




The clarinet laughs: "Ha ha ha!"




Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen




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