Why the Sun chases the Moon...

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Why? Why is there glitter in the sky? Why does the moon hide to cry and the sun run ?
Is this why?


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Why the Sun chases the Moon…

I don't know why the Sun chases the Moon.

However, I believe I have an answer to a question that has puzzled me for quite a long time. 

Why must I feel like that?

Why must I chase the cat?

Nothin' but the dog in me.



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ok lazyboneses one click too nuch? heres the work cheers ss ;)

How is it the stars still shine? little Keiku asked, her eyes searching mine for the well worn answer. She took my hand and pulled. -Come on! Let's go see! She runs ahead I traipse behind pulled by the momentum of her excitement -Tell me the story again? -It's a long story besides you know it kieku, Time for bed soon, -Aww come on! You tell it so good to me! I soften, I smile... -Okay, She rests upon the window sill and positions herself gazing at the stars. The ashes from the warm fire float about her Like snow in slow motion lazily drifting down. Her lightly folded fist props up her cheek as she stares out the window Catching the glitters lacing the sky in her eyes. -Tell me the story? I sit with her across the lentle, and turn my head up towards the sky, -Long, long, ago before there were stars in the sky The was Lunaris and Lunaris was lonely in the dark she wished for Beauty something to occupy her attentions wise Ot had often wished the same but he had his job to do. He was busy creating the universe and enacting all the laws, and there were many of them! -How many? -More than all the stars in the sky and all the blades of grass and all the flowers and all the people combined! -That's too manys! - Yes so you can see the dilemma that Ot faced. The inoverse depends on his sacrifice But, because Ot loved Lunaris so much he brought her the sun to make her happy. When she saw colours of all kinds, her eyes became full of wonder And Ot loved this because of the feelings It gave him to see her so happy! It even made him smile and whistle why he worked which, is why you can hear his whistle in the wind sometimes.

Now the Solaris was a thing to behold! He brought light to the dark universe and cast his light everywhere he went and as he travelled his light fell on Lunaris and her face lit up and beautiful soft light bounced off her she was like nothing else he lit up in the universe and Solaris was captivated by her but went to do his work but came to visit often.

Soon Solaris was so smitten with Lunaris he forgot his work and started to find reasons for his increasing return, he often followed her, and invented excuses for why he forgot to dry the rain or bring it back again. Ot was angry with him, but, because he didn't have the heart to upset Lunaris he created more light so that the universe could keep functioning and left Solaris near Lunaris to keep her happy while he watched her play and giggle with delight which brought him peace. She was the most beautiful stream on conscious Ot had created since willing himself to life and draw his form.

It wasn't too long that thier love grew so much that thier consciousness spawned a life of their own Gaiia a child so beautiful tended by both and this child flourished and they were happy for a time and delighted in how she grew! Each day was a delight to see what new things she fashioned from her own being, trees and bugs and animals but most clever of all beings of consciousness! Even Ot was proud.

Not too long after, they willed into consciousness a new form of thier love into existence. A smaller being with a bright diamond tail of colourful joy when he would gaily rush past Solaris it would shine with brilliant colours! Lunaris thought he was most wonderful adventurous and beautiful child, only Halis not as clever as gaiia, kept running away finding his own adventures and sometimes even fiddling with Ots work! Lunaris, worried what mischief he would get into did not want to upset Ot whom she love and respected very much for giving her conscious life and a form. She would often go for days out of sight looking for him! Solaris also worried. He worried that her attentions were spent too much on Halis and how grew more and more jealous of her attentions every day.

When Halis returned with Lunaris, Solaris would childe him and punish him by putting him the dark. This made Lunaris very sad, but Gaiia was happy because she gained the full attention she loved, and showed off her creations. This didn't seem right to lunaris who heart heavy and sick with worry would check on Halis who always brought her fun and adventurous stories. She now understood why Ot was so happy when he watched her.

Solaris grew more and more angry as Lunaris's attentions turned away from him and he became very jealous of her compassion for Halis. One day after banishing Halis into the dark again, he followed Lunaris and when he found them having fun wandering off dancing infront of other suns sparkling warmly he flew into a jealous rage! He thought to fix this once and for all he would take away the source of Halis's propulsion, his tail! Then, he thought to himself satisfied, Lunaris would not have to go away and Chase him. He called to Lunaris to come back afraid she would fall for some other light source but, she was so entranced by Halis's antics and so happily involved in thier lively adventures she did not hear him and went off further out of sight. Solaris Enraged and her seemingly hearless disregard chased them till he caught up with them and now further enraged grabbed halis's tail from behind , ripped it off and smashed it to a million billion glittery pieces! The smashed coloured glassy diamonds lay strewn across the heavens! still enraged He then grabbed and threw Halis into the darkest parts of the universe!

Lunaris was so horrified and heart broken she turned her face from Solaris, she could not face what he had done. Solaris was immediately filled with deep remorse and regret the instant that he saw the deep pain in her eyes. Lunaris turned away from him and vowed not to look at him again. Ever dutiful she kept watch over her place but avoided Solaris at all cost. Solaris desperate to make Lunaris happy once again tries to shine his light on her but she always turns slowly away from him and walks away...

So now Solaris forever chases her to say sorry and lights all the glittery pieces of Halis's tail so that Lunaris can gather them up in the hopes they lead her back to Her dear Halis and that she turns her face towards him with love again. Secretly Solaris disappears like the moon trying to find him and sometimes the pass eachother trying to hide eclipsed. Lunaris however, has a secret of her own that she forever keeps. On one of her many travels she found her liveliness again and showed him the way home by shing yellow and bright every so often, and every 76 revolutions timed in perfect rhythm, Halis returns to visit her, but only ever in the dark, while Solaris is out searching lit from a distant sun as he fears Solaris will punish him again. He tells her of his adventures and of what new things Ot has done! Eachtime Lunaris gives him pieces of coloured diamonds she gathered and rejoices each time his tail grows!

And as I finish the story my lovely creation, lightly clenched fist pulling her cheek upwards, as her heavy little crown falls, with her eyes her own beauteous diamonds close safely and dreams of glittery trails in the dark, that's where she gets her cheeky adventurous spirit inspired by halis's heart.

Author's Notes/Comments:

My own little short story of why the moon is chased by the sun. Hope you enjoyed :) still in draft though!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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