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..For my will can move mountains, and my backbone holds up the universe, 
my pride is too erect to waver, 
"im a oath" say I, and nothing can sway me but my savior...

...im in and out of consciousness and balled like a fetus on my throw rug, my eyes cross from trying to focus, 
 I roll onto my hands and knees and moan as you pull my hair from behind like passionate love, 
 you lean over and whisper in my ear, “Your savior is here, whats your drug?”....

...I take a dose, and play with the lingering smoke, 
no choke, just dose, I struggle to stop with all my heart, 
but I dose, 
my soul shivers, my pussy quivers, my backbone shatters, 
my eyes roll, my toes ball, my will melts as I take the glorious fall...

No one can catch me, im falling but im still to high to be caught, 
as you wait down below,i go into my crevice and dose, 
the dim light flickers from the burning tip of my blackened soul, 
the room fills with aroma and smoke 
but no choke, just dose...

I open my all and I let it in, it becomes my only friend and then my man, 
I crown my king, and buy him lavish things, 
and he keeps me dosed...

With every penetration I become more his, where is my strength? 
I absorb him into my veins while warped in mazes, 
My scenery turns gray as I clench and wish it away, 
it returns always with vengeance and brigade, 
and I dose....

stress snatches me from all reality, and I take a small peek just to see, 
they say its a choice, but its more like a hypnotizing voice, 
singing my favorite song all night and day long,

my body moves to its rhythm, my heart races, my nipples harden 
I get wet down below when you finally DO show, 
oh no! Here I go,And I double dose... 
My soul shivers, my pussy quivers, my backbone shatters, 
 my will melts and my muscles relax as I spread open wide while you slip inside, 
 there’s no more ‘I’, possessed by my high, 
no choke, just dose, 
and dose, and dose, and dose....is there any hope?..... 
Im so lost...

*whispering voice* “Your saviors here,Whats your drug?”