Unjustly. Unworthy.

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Wrapped up in that string

That ties you so loosely

To the one who betrayed you

Unjustly. Unworthy.


To the tears on your pillow

You cried one long summer

For the girls who would use you

Unjustly. Unworthy.


So we come to this place

Soul to soul, face to face

Let your eyes wander no more

Let your heart not be longing

For I give to you freely

My light and devotion

Shining bright as the sun

No, the stars like that night

How I wanted to stay there

Beside you in moonlight

Unjustly. Unworthy.


Know this my true love

Could I take back the time

To the place where I hurt you

Where your soul bled in concert

Like a chorus of daggers

Through the core of your being

Unjustly. Unworthy.


Erase would I that

And be yours so completely

For I know that you love me

Unjustly. Unworthy.