4/26/13 4:08 am

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My heart holds an empty space,

Its reserved for a familiar face.

A long lost love that hit me like mace.

I can't recover,I can't begin to face..the love that was my hate.

He was my everything, beginning, middle and end. 

What was to begin...


We used to be one, until we were two. And I don't know why you said no?

You said you used to watch me from that diner shop.

And I always though those were words you meant.

Then that same voice held a tone of hate.

I was a wish you wanted to make, and when it came true you were confused.


You made me think it was all my fault. And part of it was...

Thinking I understood you was my downfall. I could never understand your heart, it swallowed me whole.


Your lost, lost amongst those clouded viens...cut off of confusion, of a lost life that you once knew.

You let go, and your scared, but it's ok. 

Your arm shares your scars and your stronger than your scars, the looks, the misguided steps. 

The life that led you to your final repent

Just believe, listen, adhere to whatis in your heart and that will be enough.