A Toast To Love

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All a loved one wants
Is for you to stay there at the end of the night
Kiss their hand gently
Interlock your fingers
And have there be no other place you’d rather be

Whether it be on a picnic in a bright, sunny meadow
By the bus stop on a clear September evening
Or at home during an unrelenting thunderstorm

When somebody touches your heart…
There’s such excitement
Such uncertainty
Such warmth
The emotions are so overwhelming - they’re tangible

Love is a plain of thought far exceeding human compassion
It’s an aura – a basis for learning, creation, honesty, poise, and communication
Somehow love is simultaneously the ultimate addiction and the ultimate sacrifice

Love is something you would be willing to do almost anything to bottle up and sell by the ounce on the side of the road
And maybe even save a couple jars for yourself on a rainy day

Love in our hearts is what makes us live our lives the way we do
To see what we *choose* to see in the ones we live for
To go where we need to travel and experience our own personal slice of serenity

In simplest terms, in any sense, love gives us the opportunity to feel complete –
Especially in times of weakness or uncertainty

*Love* offers a pathway to a place where the world makes sense to us in a truly profound manner

To which I say

Bless us all to be granted the capabilities *of* love ..and more importantly, the gift *to* love one another