My Lovely

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"My Lovely"

On every crest atop every rise willows bow and sway To her effortless strides her approving eyes as she seemingly glides away

The gleeful lark his call shrill and sharp yields to her pleasing tones Concealed in thickets hidden by trees he mimics ever in true reprise her melody all foreknown

Various amounts of alabaster and rose applies to her countenance unmistakably and a hopefulness no living being could oppose an accepting heart awarded unconditionally

One of Heavens own has been misplaced amongst us mortal drones Unearthly conceived of goodness to embrace arrived from the Almighty's throne

Of you dear friend there is no second my association displayed always proudly for my darkness has been forever brightened from all that is you................."My Lovely

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its impressive. i hope she

its impressive. i hope she was impressed.