The Rats & Cockroaches Will Inherit the Earth

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Ten Thousand Blue Skies

By Wolf Larsen

Air raid sirens are symphonies of hate and greed, they are the screeching of humanity on the edge of extinction
Every poem, every concerto, every painting and sculpture will all be flames
When the nuclear bombs are on the way grab the sky and turn it upside down
Kill your own children
Watch as your mother rips out her body organs one by one and places them into your own hands
Eat the furniture in your room
Swallow cyanide with your loved one
Begin masturbating
Swallow your own body
Swallow your family
Think of the human race drowning and there are no lifeboats
Explain to your children what nuclear war means, tell them they have ten minutes to live
Try to write a poem that no one will ever read in the remaining nine minutes
Pray to a god that can not exist
Pray for mercy that will not come
Copyright 2004 by Wolf Larsen. All Rights Reserved.

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I think you must have missed

I think you must have missed the meeting about twenty years ago when the Heavens Gate folks saw the comet and went to a better world.