Rapped Verse

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It sit and stretch most days

findin' ways to patch a reality quilt

solid built to tilt the mind for a

minute to rhyme, split between

sound and spit that won't quit

ot sit even for a little bit


Rappers never miss the mark 

the spark that ignites the sky.

Why? They cryin' denyin' the denial

they can't deny to slant a rant

and chant it so it stays under

yo arm, like a lover lovin'

lippin'charm and no harm done


Rap is cryin' happy, not a dirge,

a deluge of words wrapped in

rappers laughin' as if the noise

was dancin' and fingers findin'

the sound inside beats too sweet

to eat as if every single word

was brand new just now bein'

heard. Just cuz.









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Thanks Milman

Once in a while, a rhyme happens :D




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Rockin Rhyme

WOW allets now this is prime, your Rockin Rhyme is right on time.