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Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m not even real

That I walk around and simulate what I think I should feel

My only goal is happiness, yet I’m miserable

I just numb the pain

It’s the only thing keeping me sane

Because if I could see myself clearly

I’d give to self-loathing

So I stay in a daze

And give an empty gaze

A blank stare

It’s like I’m not even there

I wish I could just fly away

To an empty field

And just forget it all

If I was alone I wouldn’t have to fix myself

But I’m not alone


And that’s what haunts me  

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a wish

 May your idea of your Higher Power lift your Spirit  



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A Good Write

The down side of the emotional spectrum is fine and well received. I wish I could "go to a field...be alone... fix myself" - I think we do that all the time, take a retreat, heal, return and tackle life's challenges again. As long as there is time, there is potential to find love and joy and a self-portrait that is totally and forever fixed. :D

~Lady A~




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you might need to go on a soul-searchy mission to some other pla

you should go on a soul-search mission



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very nice poem :) i think

very nice poem :) i think it's perfect how it is and u shouldn't change a thing.